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Benelux Parliament

The Benelux Parliament provides the governments with advice on economic and cross-frontier cooperation. Its recommendations may also concern other matters if common interests or current events so dictate.

The Benelux Parliament works alongside supraregional and supranational organizations such as the Interregional Parliamentary Council, the Nordic Council (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland), the Baltic Assembly (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and the Visegrad countries (Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia). The Benelux Parliament is also forging links with groups of countries that wish to form a mutual cooperation along the lines of the Benelux system. For instance, the Benelux Parliament has contacts with the German Land North Rhine-Westphalia and with organizations of African countries, Andes countries and the countries of the Black Sea.

The Benelux Parliament also keeps the 3 governments informed about the opinions that move in the parliamentary assemblies from which its members originate.


The Benelux Parliament has 49 members.




  • 7 members from the Chamber of Deputies:
Committee of Ministers

The decisions of the Committee of Ministers must be ratified by the national parliaments. The Committee of Ministers consists of the 3 ministers for Foreign Affairs. The Committee sets the priorities for cooperation and decides the budget. The Committee meets at least once a year.

Secretariat General

The Secretariat General ( is the administrative arm of the Benelux cooperation. It is responsible for the support of the Committee of Ministers and is charged with the duties of registry to the Benelux Court of Justice.

Court of Justice

The Court of Justice ( has 9 judges and 6 deputies from the 3 countries. It expounds the common legal rules, can present prejudicial issues to the Court of the European Union and thus promotes the uniform interpretation and application of the common legal rules. Its jurisdiction is binding.

Benelux Organization for Intellectual Property (BOIP)